Internet for genealogists & family historians.

Welcome to GenProxy, for many years we had created simple "content over style" websites for genealogists and family historians who did not have a computer or internet access of their own (Genealogy by Proxy) Over the last 10 years the use of computers at home has proliferated and the internet has grown to over 4 billion pages, millions of these pages are dedicated resources for genealogy and family history research. As our potential client base are now very well catered for by their own computers and this massive online resource we feel we can wind down GenProxy.
Our sister company NetProxy will continue to supply domain names, design & host business and trade websites...

Have a laugh, here is our 1996 simple web page - you can see how the internet has advanced

internet info for computers in genealogy & family history.
web sites for family history & genealogy.

Genproxy can assist Genealogists, Researchers and Advertisers to make effective use of the Internet -

   No Hassle with Technology :   We deal with all THAT !

We provide a comprehensive support service :-

          • Creation and hosting of searchable Family Tree Web pages for those without Internet access.
          • Design, hosting and Promotion of advertising pages / web sites for Genealogy Researchers plying their trade.

          • Supply & manage a more suitable name and e-mail address for existing sites. (old names still work)

          • Complete WebPage / WebSite design service by our associate company
          • Create a Proxy Reference Link to an existing Webpage / Web Site to increase the number of enquiries.
                  (anyone can make up a webpage; the ART is in helping searchers & enquirers to find it)

Click the Link below, GenProxy may be able to help you.

Part of this GenProxy website will stay online to support clients, also there are still some useful pages on it, with information on old archaic diseases, old medical terms and cause of death with the modern clinical names.

A list of old jobs, trades, occupations & professions with an explanation or indication of what the task entailed.

A Latin translator to help in family history research into Wills, Parish Records and Manorial Documents.

A chart to help show that awkward 2nd 3rd 4th Nth cousin relationship and how many times removed !

Convert Regnal Dates to Gregorian Calendar years, Kings & Queens, reign, time on Throne

Hints & Tips on using email - and having your very own stable, never changing personal or family email address.

A glossary of computer & technical jargon, acronyms & abbreviations to help you de-mystify this geek infested world.

Back-ups, how important it is to back up your data, your hours of hard work & research, some problems & help.

Content over Style:

Content over style web sites have a simple layout with clear highlighted text links to other pages or sections of the site, the text used is usually fairly large and in high contrast with a plainish background so that it is easy to read, even with poor eyesight or an old low resolution black / white monitor. The content of the site is of paramount importance not the style or layout, includes most original genealogy sites and simple informative business 'brochure' websites try this Sellitt and Soon website for second hand furniture, electrical goods, antiques & collectables in Beverley.

A Balance of Style and Content:

A good balance of both can be used on a business website with plenty of content, here on Garage Equipment site there are dynamic dropdown or popout menus, scrolling information boards, content management pages (where the site owner can update or change certain text and images from a PC anywhere in the world) and the whole interface looks "busy" but not so cluttered that it is hard for a visitor to find their way around.

Style over Content:

Often seen in top of the range multimedia sites but sometimes used for small websites to mask the fact there is little actual content or fewer than five pages. A flash "movie" and animated flash navigation is useful when a business owner simply wants his company name to have a web "presence" or on-line brochure but not to sell his product or service over the internet. Beverley Domestic & Kitchen Appliances.


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