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Smileys used in email and messages are a combination of the English words emotion (or emote ) and icon, an emoticon is a symbol or combination of characters used to convey the emotional content in written messages that is usually seen in the eyes, face or body language in a normal face to face conversation. The smiley is usually typed at the end of a sentence or comment and is made up of colons, commas, brackets etc, tilt your head to the left to see the expression. Many smilies nowadays are graphic images rather than typed characters, often refered to as emoji or emojis, many of them are animated and some are available for free from various sources on the internet. (careful, some of the so called free Smiley software packages contain AdWare or SpyWare, that is the price you pay)

Just add them to your email, blog, message or web page to give your writing a conversational feel with emoticon body language.

Icon Smiley Meaning Icon Smiley Meaning
:-) classic smile with nose :'-) happy crying (generally associated with mockery)
:-( classic sad with nose |-O yawn
:) classic smile without nose :-D laughter (originally 'Big smile', often used as that as well)
:( classic sad without nose %-( or
8) smiley with glasses without nose (or 'Big eyes' smile) =) 'smiley-face' eyes without nose
:-B buck-tooth B-) Batman / smiley with glasses
:-# with braces T.T crying, blinking
_-_ Asleep :-@ scream
>:3 A lion, or an evil smile :@ what??? (seriously?)
:-| indifferent :-0 surprised
>O "Ouch" :0] smiling
;0] winking and smiling at same time ;-) winking smile with nose
;0 winking with open mouth ;) winking smile without nose
(:-D gossip, blabbermouth `:-) one eyebrow raised
8D Awesome :P tongue sticking out (silly, or feeling lousy)
:-& tongue tied O:-) I'm an angel
c^:3 Left Mouse :-X My lips are sealed, or "mum."
~:> chicken :-K Fangs sticking out.
x-( Angry, bummed out =0 surprised
:-* Kiss XD or xD Flirting, bubbly; happy; laughing hysterically
;:^)B> Beard with buck teeth and nose: (::[]::) bandaid; offering help or support
O.O or o.o Shocked O.o or o.O Shocked and sceptical
._. Sad, shy. Also used to show depression. A semi-colon may be added ._.; to increase the portrayal of depression. <3 A heart, or 'I love you', or a hug (arms and encircling hands). Also a bouquet of flowers.
8I Not happy or sad. :D Big, potentially goofy smile.
>8V-()< A duck :-$ 'Grillz' or money mouth. (Being greedy for money)
=3 Used to show happiness. 3 shows pouting of the lips in an amused way. (Alternative - :3) <|:) wearing a (tin-foil) hat
<>< Ichthys (Christian symbol), Fish >_< or >< Angry/frustrated face
<@:) dunce with hat and curly hair <_< or >_> Sneer to left or Sneer to right; has also been used in succession to demonstrate nervous back and forth glances
(-_-) A bored face Oo Interested, the equivalent of raising an eyebrow
(-.-) The showing of annoyance. Usually used in reply to a stupid question. >:D Evil grin
-.-' Known as the "anime sweatdrop." It is used when asked a stupid question, similar to (-.-). e.e Used to show great anger, similar to an evil glare.
E.E This smiley can be seen as a joke. It has no real meaning. -.-* "Anime Anger-Twitch." Derived from anime cartoons where the temple swells when angered. Used to show anger and aggravation.
-.O Used to show disbelief. A glare with one eye closed and another open. :] Derived from the classic happy smile. Instead of a parenthesis, a bracket is used, and the dash is dropped. Used to show happiness.
:[ Derived from the classic sad smile. Parenthesis is replaced by a bracket, and dash is dropped. Used to show sadness. Sometimes seen as =[. ;] Derived from the classic wink smile. Parenthesis is replaced by a bracket, and the dash is dropped. Used to symbolize a wink. Sometimes seen as =[.
:'[ Derived from the classic cry smile. Used to show tears and sadness. Sometimes seen as ='[. :\ Sad frown, or used to show depression, (could also mean 'not entirely satisfied with...') sometimes seen as =\, =/, 8\, 8/, or :/.
:'\ Shows great depression, sometimes seen as ='\, ='/, or :'/. ;D Used to show a broad smile while winking.
*o* "Shiny." Symbolizes gawking, or a blank stare. :d "Dribble." Guy dribbling. Might represent astonishment.
KD Big grin with tightly closed eyes (almost crying from laughter) ~.^ Alternate wink
D: Total fear :3= Walrus
c(Q_\\) Hurt ())--,'--- or
=^..^= or ?:3 Cat _ Tiredness

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